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Дизайн без названия (5)_edited.jpg

M2M - New Generation of Social Networks

Join social network - Match with new friends by interests - Keep your data safe

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M2M is the first decentralized social network in Switzerland. It connects local business and people in communities based on interests and helps be rewarded for recommendations.

Users have a unique opportunity to own their data.

Deutsch📱 Die Zukunft der personalisierten Inhalte: Ein Blick in unser innovatives System! 🌐

Deutsch📱 Die Zukunft der personalisierten Inhalte: Ein Blick in unser innovatives System! 🌐

📱 Die Zukunft der personalisierten Inhalte: Ein Blick in unser innovatives System! 🌐 Hallo zusammen! In diesem Video möchten wir Ihnen unser aufregendes Konzept vorstellen, wie Unternehmen personalisierte Inhalte an ihre Kunden senden können, ohne deren Daten zu sammeln. Hier ist ein kurzer Einblick: 💡 Das Problem: Viele Unternehmen sammeln riesige Mengen an Daten von ihren Kunden, um personalisierte Inhalte bereitzustellen. Dies wirft jedoch Bedenken hinsichtlich Datenschutz und -sicherheit auf. 🔍 Unsere Lösung: Unser System ermöglicht es Unternehmen, personalisierte Inhalte an ihre Kunden zu senden, ohne deren Daten zu sammeln. Es funktioniert durch die Verknüpfung von Interessen, ohne dass persönliche Informationen geteilt werden müssen. 🌐 Wie es funktioniert: Nutzer erstellen eine Liste ihrer Interessen in unserer App. Diese Interessen werden über QR-Codes oder zukünftig über Bluetooth mit anderen Nutzern abgeglichen. Es entstehen sogenannte "Matches", die personalisierte Inhalte ermöglichen. Unternehmen können so gezielte Informationen an Kunden senden, die tatsächlich interessiert sind, ohne ihre Daten zu speichern. 📈 Vorteile: Datenschutz und -sicherheit werden gewahrt. Kunden erhalten nur relevante Inhalte. Kleine Unternehmen können besser konkurrieren und wachsen. #Datenschutz #Personalisierung #Innovation #Zukunft #Technologie Schließen Sie sich uns an und gestalten Sie eine Zukunft, in der personalisierte Inhalte sicher und effektiv verteilt werden können, ohne die Privatsphäre zu gefährden! 🚀 00:00 System Businesses (Stammkunden) 01:10 System Personen (Chat personalisiert) 02:06 Nachrichten senden personalisiert (Chat personalisiert) 03:26 Woher kommt das Konzept? (Warum) 04:43 Match Coin (Schlüsselwörter) 07:25 Daten der Wert (Match Coin) 10:05 Finanzielle Welt (Match Coin) 12:19 Sieben Kontakte, um die ganze Welt zu erreichen (Vision) 14:41 Zentralisierte Daten vs. dezentralisierte Daten (Vision) 18:04 Beispiele von Geschäftsinhabern 18:56 Verbinden und folgen Sie Ihren bevorzugten Unternehmen 22:29 Bezahlungslösung für Mundpropaganda (Word of Mouth Advertising) 26:11 Was ist ein MatchCoin? 30:13 Witz über Zero Knowledgt Proof 31:03 Zero Knowledght / Trust Proof 33:42 MatchCoin erstellen 37:38 Jetzt und zukünftige Lösungen 45:35 Kleine Unternehmen schliessen
English📱 The Future of Personalized Content: A Glimpse into Our Innovative System! 🌐

English📱 The Future of Personalized Content: A Glimpse into Our Innovative System! 🌐

📱 The Future of Personalized Content: A Glimpse into Our Innovative System! 🌐 Hello everyone! In this video, we'd like to introduce you to our exciting concept on how businesses can send personalized content to their customers without collecting their data. Here's a brief overview: 💡 The Problem: Many companies gather vast amounts of data from their customers to provide personalized content. However, this raises concerns about privacy and data security. 🔍 Our Solution: Our system enables companies to send personalized content to their customers without collecting their data. It works by linking interests without the need to share personal information. 🌐 How It Works: Users create a list of their interests in our app. These interests are matched with other users' interests via QR codes or, in the future, Bluetooth. This creates what we call "matches," allowing for personalized content. Businesses can then send targeted information to customers who are genuinely interested, without storing their data. 📈 Benefits: Privacy and security are maintained. Customers receive only relevant content. Small businesses can compete and grow more effectively. #Privacy #Personalization #Innovation #Future #Technology Join us in shaping a future where personalized content can be distributed securely and efficiently without compromising privacy! 🚀 00:00 System Businesses (Regular Customers) 01:18 System People (Chat personalised) 02:18 Send Messages personalised (Chat personalised) 03:46 Where comes the concept from? (Why) 05:10 Match Coin (Keywords) 08:10 Data the Value (Match Coin) 11:05 Financial World (Match Coin) 13:33 Seven Contacts to rach the hole world (Vision) 16:08 Centralised Data vs Decentralised Data (Vision) 19:52 Business Owners Samples 20:52 Connect and Follow your Likely Businesses 24:43 Word of Mouth Advertising Payment Solution 28:48 What is a MatchCoin? 33:04 Joke about Zero Knowledgth Proof 33:20 Memory Expaining Zero Knowledgth Proof 38:54 Create Match Coin 41:23 Now and Future Solutions 50:29 Small Companys close the bigger the Big ones So we need important to decentralise the most valuable product in the world which is data.
English 🌟 Introducing Our Innovative Platform: M2M by MatchCoin 🌟

English 🌟 Introducing Our Innovative Platform: M2M by MatchCoin 🌟

🌟 Introducing Our Innovative Platform: M2M by MatchCoin 🌟 Hey everyone, I'm Patrick, and I'm thrilled to introduce our revolutionary product to you! Our application is more than just a social platform—it's a space tailored for friendship management. At the core of our platform lies Match Coins, an incredible keyword-based communication community. Imagine investing in your interests, like 'bowling,' and witnessing vibrant communities evolve around shared passions. Here, investors support these communities, fostering a thriving environment. What makes Match Coins unique? It's the value it creates—a connection formed through shared interests, transforming your mutual love for 'bowling' into a tangible asset. It's like currency but with meaningful connections, hence the term 'Match Coin.' And that's not all! Enter our M-to-M network, a powerful word-of-mouth technology. It's all about personalized content and advertising seamlessly passing from one person to another based on their preferences. It's organic, it's effective, and it's about connecting people authentically. 📩 Got questions? Reach out! We're excited to share more about our innovative ecosystem and how it's changing the way we connect and share interests. Thank you for watching! 🚀✨ #MatchCoin #M2M #CommunityBuilding #PersonalizedContent #SocialNetwork #WordOfMouth #Friendship #InvestmentInInterests #InnovativeTech #ConnectionBuilding #Networking #AdTech #SharedInterests #RevolutionaryPlatform #M2MByMatchCoin #FriendshipManagement #DigitalCommunity #SharedPassions
English - M2M by MatchCoin: An Ecosystem Where Everyone Wins! 🌐💼🍕

English - M2M by MatchCoin: An Ecosystem Where Everyone Wins! 🌐💼🍕

M2M by MatchCoin: An Ecosystem Where Everyone Wins! 🌐💼🍕 Welcome to the world of M2M by MatchCoin, a unique ecosystem that brings together entrepreneurs and customers, creating benefits for all! 🚀🤝 Imagine a scene: an entrepreneur in a pizzeria and a customer enjoying their time. But it's about more than just pizza—it's about a system where both can benefit. How? For the entrepreneur, M2M by MatchCoin means the opportunity to expand their business by connecting with a growing community of users. Through this system, they reach new customers, making their offerings more attractive. For the customer, it's a world of personalized offers. As more businesses join the system, the diversity of services and offerings increases. And therein lies the advantage—the customer receives tailored options that meet their needs. The best part is that this cycle reinforces itself. More businesses and users mean a continually expanding array of offers and services, attracting more people who want to benefit from the system. This is the essence of M2M by MatchCoin: an ever-expanding network where everyone wins. It creates a win-win situation for entrepreneurs and customers, fostering a thriving ecosystem based on collaboration and mutual benefit. Let's harness the power of this ecosystem together and create a world where everyone can benefit! 🌐💼🍕 What are your thoughts on this concept? Share your ideas with us and let's discuss! 💬✨ #m2m #MatchCoin #BusinessEcosystem #WinWinSituation #Entrepreneurship #CustomerEngagement #PersonalizedOffers #Collaboration #CommunityBuilding #MutualBenefit #DigitalInnovation #Networking #SmallBusinessGrowth #UserInteraction #InnovativeSolutions #CustomerSatisfaction #DataValue #DataOwnership #CommunityDevelopment #EntrepreneurialSpirit #CustomerCentric #BusinessNetworking

social network


Local Networking

Connect with your local communities in Switzerland and discover opportunities to benefit directly. Match, share interests and watch word of mouth recommendations work for you in a digital age.

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Data: Your continuous wealth

In a digital world where traditional currencies suffer from inflation, your data is the stable gold of the modern age. At Mouth2Mouth, they are more than just information - they are a constant source of income. Because companies will always ask for it. Take advantage of this and ensure a steady income just by sharing your interests.

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You can help us to build a revolutionary Swiss social network.
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At a time when information is more valuable than ever, you own your data. It's time to take back control and realize the true value of your digital footprints. Here are three reasons why Mouth2Mouth by MatchCoin is the solution to the current data crisis.

Trusted Recommendations

67% of people trust word of mouth recommendations. Match interests, just like Tinder, and build real, valuable connections. Receive recommendations tailored to you and benefit 100%.

Your data in your hands

Why should you share your data for free? With Mouth2Mouth you keep control of your data and benefit at the same time. A revolutionary approach at a time when data is the new currency.

Data protection and decentralization

Stay in control of your data in a decentralized environment. Mouth2Mouth protects your privacy and puts you back in control. Large corporations shouldn't benefit from your data - you should!

Über uns

Our vision

A revolution in the digital age - where you are not the product but the main player.

In a digital landscape dominated by mega-corporations, where our privacy is under constant threat and our identities are commercialized, we strive for a paradigm shift. Our vision is a future in which your data and interests belong to you alone - a valuable asset that is not secretly exploited. At Mouth2Mouth by MatchCoin, we are committed to a world where you are not the product, but the main player. A world where algorithms work to the advantage of individuals and where sharing recommendations and interests creates real, direct value.

New opportunities

Turn your data into gold now.

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The data:
The New Currency

Your data, your gold treasure of the future

Protect your interests and data in the digital age and generate real value - all through word-of-mouth connections. With Mouth2Mouth by MatchCoin you are not the product - you benefit directly.

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