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Become known in Switzerland & reach your local customers.

Reduce your marketing costs by 70% and promote your business in Switzerland. With an advanced blockchain solution, we connect you with local communities. Your customers’ data is safe with us.

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Don't waste any more time searching for influencers.
Your customers are the best and most scalable micro-influencers.

Exactly for every budget

Stop losing money on excessive marketing budgets.

Personalized communication

Too many groups, WhatsApp chats and flyers? Combine your efforts.

Build a community

Don't waste any more time searching for influencers.

Predictable marketing budgets

Gone are the days of uncertain marketing spend and unpredictable results. With M2M we offer you a platform that is focused on predictability and efficiency. Plan your budget effectively and invest in targeted campaigns that deliver real results.

Increase your local sales.

Localized marketing can mean the difference between an average month and a record month. Through targeted, localized campaigns, M2M brings your business directly to customers in your area.

Target communities with specific interests

It is no longer necessary to run broad campaigns that only reach a fraction of your target audience. M2M allows you to target exactly those communities that are interested in your products or services. This means less wastage and a higher ROI.

Become known in your own community.

In a digitalized world, it is crucial to be present and visible in your own community. M2M supports you in building and strengthening a brand in your local area.

Advertising in the local area.

Use accurate B2C traffic targeting.

Why wander into the distance when the good is so close? Local marketing has a personal touch and creates a closer bond with your customers. With M2M you can advertise specifically in your local area and thus build sustainable customer relationships.

Accuracy is the key to effective marketing. Instead of broadcasting your advertising to the masses, M2M enables precise targeting that is directly tailored to the needs and interests of your potential customers. Reach exactly the people who are interested in your offer and optimize your conversion rates.

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M2M is a revolutionary platform that aims to bridge the gap between local businesses and customers.

There are countless small businesses in Switzerland - from pizzerias to cafés to ski schools. I myself was a co-founder of a bar and know from my own experience how challenging it was to generate initial sales during the Covid period. We invested a lot in marketing. This gave me the idea of a TripAdvisor-like app that allows local communities to stay connected and share their recommendations.

A Swiss project for real local connections.

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Meet our dedicated team of experts behind M2M. From blockchain enthusiasts to marketing professionals, we all share the vision of helping small businesses make it big in the digital world.

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